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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.

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Ieva. Sweden National Day


Today is Sweden’s National day. Here you should stop reading,   go to YouTube and listen for Swedish anthem “Du gamla, du fria”.Thank you!

I was warned by my Swedish teacher that Swedish do not celebrate their National day as much as e.g.  Norwegians. Or as much as Midsommar.  But it’s 6th of June is public holiday and this means that people are forced to notice why they are free on this beautiful summer day.

Of course,  maybe it would be different, if it were a beautiful summer day. Morning was beautiful – warm and sunny,  though windy.  It rained yesterday (just when we were out to cycle!), so sun gave me faith that today everything would be perfect. I wished to walk a little bit around and visit National day’s events in Höganäs.  I wished to much I guess. Above all thing I was warned about the weather here in Sweden. There are a few rules.  First, weather is topic no 1 here. Second,  weather is unpredictable.  It might be summer all around the world except Sweden.  Great,  isn’t it?

Morning was really beautiful, I even thought to go jogging (although my laziness won and I didn’t). But then wind started to blow, sky darkened and it became clear that my wishes would not come true.  What a pity! Anyway, we did what we have planned.  Asle came back from butique earlier to take me and Edgar to the event,  which was held in one of Höganäs parks. By the way,  Höganäs has some really beautiful and well organized parks.  Festival have already been started for a few hours,  when we went there.  But it was upon all my expectations.  There were a scene,  few tents with food and activities for kids. Some local talents were playing on the scene (by the way, one  performance with drums was were good!) and some locals were listening. And when I say some I really mean some.  I guess there were more people who attended Sweden’s embassy’s event in Vilnius than here in Höganäs… not kidding.  A few kids with their parents and some pensioners. Of course,  it rained,  but it was a National Day! A-National-Day.

It was explained for me that Swedish love a free day and love going out,  shopping,  visiting friends… And then in the evening they open a bottle of wine, have some sweets and mark National Day in a perfect simplicity.  It’s the Midsommar that they take seriously. On the other hand,  my Facebook is full of Sweden’s official page posts on how King celebrated National Day and how it was marked in Stockholm.  I wasn’t there and cannot know for sure,  but it looks like there people had a bigger celebration.

I may have expected more from this, but it was cool enough for my first Sweden’s National Day 🙂


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Ieva. Swedish, Swedish and Swedish again!

My first day in Sweden almost ended.  I found out quite a lot since the last time.  First of all,  my luggage was only 16 kg weight. That means I could have taken additional 4 kg as luggage and 5 as hand baggage. Oops! But that’s okay,  I’ll survive. Flight was great,  but I have never had any problem with flights.

Secondly,  it happened that my family is the best ones au pair could get.  Not kidding.  They are lovely,  helpful,  understanding,  and the kid is really cute and smart.  Today Jessica (the mother) worked for the first half of the day,  while I, Edgar (the kid) and Asle (the father) went for a little trip till Söderåsen National Park. It is so beautiful there! If not bearing my love for Vilnius,  I’m a real nature kid.  It was great to walk in a beautiful forest and breath deeply the scent of pure air. Leaves were covered with tiny rain drops that sparkled,  though day was overcasted.


I could not stop thinking how different if it’s from Lithuania. My family is outdoor lovers,  so believe me,  I often spend time in forests and fields.  So the forest itself was just like Lithuanian – lots of different kind of trees,  moss and bushes. Lots of insects,  especially after reason.  We followed a small river, full of rocks.  Ducks swam here and there,  we saw a few swans.  But,  on the other hand,  I could never see such banks in Lithuania.  They were very high and steep,  covered with sharp rocks. Simply beautiful. I have a huge affection for mountains. Rhett were no mountains in the park,  but it was more like it than anything in Lithuania. Don’t understand me wrong,  i live my homeland,  but it’s very beautiful in other countries as well. Oh,  and I drove back from Park to Höganäs.  I have never been so afraid to drive.  The car worked fine and it’s a pleasure to drive it,  but it was completely new car for me,  new road (new country, actually) and if that’s not enough – I had somebody’s else child in the back. Yay!

After our trip we shopped some food and had lunch.  Then father changed mother at the boutique, while I and Edgar watched a movie. It was Lego movie about Betman! Yeah, I have heard about that new Lego movie (who haven’t? ), but it looks like there are even more of them! Jessica suggested to “Ta det lungt och gör vad du vill” (take it easy and do what I want), what I did.  Although it’s not easy to go to my room and try to occupy myself with something,  when there is so many things to do,  to try and to see.  I really wanted to go and explore the town,  but I decided to leave it for tomorrow.

Oh,  and the last thing.  Swedish! Oh,  my god! Shit. Shit. Shit. It’s not that I don’t understand them (although I not always catch what the father says to me,  and I have to listen very carefully to understand the kid – he speaks in Skåne’s accent, while I’m used to more “bookish” Stockholm’s). I tend to forget so many words and phrases! Sometimes I have to think for a minute before saying something, because I’m not sure which word to use.  And I often forget is the subject “en” or “ett” and I make mistakes with adjectives (mostly because that “en”/”ett” thing) and plural subject forms (there might be two categories of “en” words endings in plural). And irregular verbs. I’m stupid, stupid,  stupid.  God help me.  I try to fix my mistakes and ask new words,  but I forget them after five minutes if I not repeat them for 20 times.  And usually I don’t.  Oh, and worst of all is that the family is very understanding and they don’t fix my mistakes,  barely the rudest ones.  Tomorrow I will have my phone with me all the time – I havea great Swedish dictionary there l maybe it will help.

Wish me good luck tomorrow!