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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.


Ieva. Tottaly messed up

As you might have understood from the title, I’m totally messed up. First of all, I had my last exam today. It was Swedish oral exam and it took only 20 minutes or so.  But it means a lot.  Every exam means a lot,  actually.

I’m also surprised that my first study year ended so fast. It was September when everything started. Nine months just… vanished…  I could talk a lot about my studies and what changed during those nine months. But study year is over. I’m free until September. Wow.

And today I fly to Sweden. My luggage lies in the middle of the room, clothes all around it. I’m not sure what to take with me. Will it be hot? Warm? Cold? Windy or rainy? Should I take umbrella, or maybe I could live without it? How many shoes I need? Do I need to take a warm hoodie ? And… how much is those 20 kg, which I am allowed to take with me?

Argh! This is so hard! How people manage to travel somewhere for a year or even longer? I know that I can buy everything that I need in Sweden as well (it’s not a middle of jungles after all). But it’s much cheaper in Lithuania, so it would be better to take everything that I need. That’s why I’m making lists from Sunday evening,  putting things on and off  the list, in and out of luggage, trying to make up my minds and foresee what kid of summer it will be.

Oh, and one more funny thing. I’m trying to eat everything that I have at my flat in Vilnius. I know it’s stupid, but my roommates said not to leave anything for them. They won’t use it.  And it’s illogical to leave everything for autumn, isn’t it?.. However, I will blow up if I need to eat something more.

That’s strange that I feel so great. I’m excited and thrilled, and maybe just a little bit afraid. After all, I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. What will I do there?  Will I get on well with the kid, Edgar? Where I will travel during free time? Will I miss home, friends and family?