(Out of) LT

Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.


Ieva. Here I am

Jo, here I am. (Read “y” as in “yes” and “o” as in “moon” – “yoo”)

Who am that “I” and what I have to do with a strange, unknown word? It’s not that easy to answer to the first part of this question. But I can gladly explain the second part. “Jo” is a Swedish word that stands for “yes, sure, well”. Or at least I use it in this way. God knows how and when Swedish use it. Just (almost) kidding.

As you can understand, I’m not a Swede. Nor Englishman. (You see, I’m going to make grammar mistakes, use inappropriate words and my writing style might sometimes make you sick. Sorry!)

My mother-tongue is Lithuanian. That means I born (and still live) in Lithuania. N. B! It’s not in Africa. And we aren’t part of Russia (we have been in a Soviet Union, against our will, but we fought our freedom. Twice). If you haven’t checked that wikipedia link, I’ll say that Lithuania is in Northern Europe, to the East of Baltic Sea and to the north of Poland. It’s a beautiful, green country. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, one of the most beautiful cities in whole Europe. At least for me. I live and study in Vilnius since the end of August. However, I felt in love with it many years ago, maybe from the very first glance at curvy lines and tall churches. I love its parks, its narrow streets, its architecture, its brightness and lightness. I live apart from my family, as my mom, dad, two younger brothers and our spaniel live in Vilkaviškis, my hometown. I’m fond of the Center of Scandinavian studies, where I study Swedish.

And here I am. Writing so much about nothing. This is something I can do. I’m not a chatty person, really. I’m introvert and I might be quite shy. But everything is easier when I’m writing. I used to dream about becoming a writer, when I was little. Maybe one day. I never give up on my dreams. This long, messy post was supposed to explain a little bit about me. Just a little bit, as you will learn more later. Now – the most important part.

This summer I’m going to Sweden to work as an au pair.

This is my first summer out of Lithuania. It’s crazy, thrilling and exciting. And too good to be true. Wish me luck.


P. S. Oh, I haven’t introduced myself properly. My name is Ieva. It’s Lithuanian version of  English Eve, Swedish Eva (it’s also common in other European languages) and Russian Ева. Use whichever you want.