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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.

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Edva. Welcome to the temple

Last weekends I had a great opportunity to visit a temple called Guinsa and experience Korean temple stay. It was quiet new thing for me.

Behind the two gates

Temple Guards

Temple Guards in the second temple gate the difference is that only in this temple they’re hidden under the roof

The surrounding of the place also was pretty impressive. Mountains and Korean style architecture buildings all around, of course pretty new since temple suffered from  ferocious flames once but everything still looks very authentic. Despite the main building which looks like an office building for me and yes, there are two elevators inside too since it’s 7 store building.

The main building with two elevators inside

The main building with two elevators inside

The staff and monks of the temple were very kind to us, not suprising cause activity cost us 40.000 won. Two monks and two more staff members took care of us whole time. Only one of the monks and one of staff member spoke english. Beside that experience was pretty good. We also had I quiet good activities too. We have been practicing many ways of meditation, like silent one or walking up the hill. Also temple etiquette and history lesson. In the beginning we also had tour around the temple too.

The main eating hall of the Temple

The main eating hall of the temple

The food was quite good but a bit salty maybe because all of it are grown and prepared inside the temple. Also the fact that there is no difference between breakfast, lunch and dinner in Korea made the experience of temple food almost the same for two days. We also had a tea ceremony at 9 PM first day.

Buildings in the temple are pretty new

Buildings in the temple are pretty new

Most of  the food are made inside the temple

Most of the food are prepared inside the temple

In the end I can say that temple stay is something that everybody should try of course every temple can offer a different activities. I’d like to try temple stay one more time. Maybe the same place or another it doesn’t matters the point is have a bunch of good friends around.