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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.

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Edva. Call of the Sea (Part 1)

Day 1. On my way

Finally This day has come…

First sun rays approach to the room. Early morning and alarm clock shouting the same Sunmi’s 24 hours track again and again. I’m feeling like leaving my one home which I don’t really like. Nothing’s holding me here even the memories about this place doesn’t look good. Just pack the stuff and leave. Run away before everybody knows, before everybody wakes up. The time is precious.

Outside the nest

From this very moment I’m on my own. My trip. My language and my experience. Feeling worried and excited at the same time. But the courage is stronger than ever. I have waited for this moment so long. Nothing to regret. It’s time to make it happen.


Bus took me to the closest town if I even could give this name to a place which has two main streets and are located in the valley between the mountains. (Jucheon-ri)

On the bus stop an old lady takes care of me instantly. Strangers use to give a hand even if they see you for the first time. What can I say. Just like it as I like to feel secure. Even after more people gather she doesn’t stops to do that.

Another passenger carry two huge boxes of plums and when she offers some for my guardian the first thing she does is fastly turns at me and gives some too. Like a son. Of course giving a short explanation to an owner of the fruits. “he’s a foreigner… let’s give some of fruits to him”

Here is my bus. I didn’t knew this till the moment when I ask the same lady in Korean if this bus goes to next town of my destination. She quickly understands what I mean and just puts her hand in the mid-air by giving a farewell waving followed by a word “Ga.”

I’m on the second bus. It took me to the second town. But just to make it sure I’m constantly checking the maps on my phone. (Jecheon-si)


I’m in the second town of my destination. About an hour left and I’ll leave for Busan. But first I have to find a bus terminal. Here my phones comes handy again. I already did it on my way here. I’m heading there and of course taking some photos of the building around since I’m a tourist.


Here I found my self in the terminal. Now I need to buy a ticket but what to use my reading or speaking skills. Tongue took over the eyes and I’m standing at the lady behind the glass who suppose to offer me a ticket. My poor Korean again takes the place in this life performance. “Please give me a bus ticket at 11 o’clock to Busan.” Of course she gives me an answer fast. But this time there is a number in her speach. I had to understand fast but I failed. giving her only one banknote of 10.000 won. But still somehow I was able to understand when she just replies to that. “One more of this please” then just grabed a paper to write the amount but this time I’m faster by giving next banknote first.


Now when the ticket is in my hand I have some time for deep thought and lunch. Two small buns and a bottle of water serves my as a lunch table this time. Not feeling sad just excited since this moment everything going just fine. I made 2 out of the 3 buses for my trip successfully and I’ almost on my way to Busan.

As I realised later phone is not the best ting to take photos.

Soon… Call of the Sea (Part 2)


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Edva. Like day and night

18 days passed since I’m in Korea and around 16 days since I’m in the project site…

Somewhere in the valley

The place I’m stay is really somewhere out of this world. There is only one bus four times a day and if we want to reach a one of the major cities have to take 2 more buses there. The street, if we can call it like that, has only one traffic line and lights during the nighttime every 200 matters. Nothing more to add cause there is nothing more and this is really makes my sad about this place or more like to drives crazy. After two weeks here I started to feel like in video game Stronghold. Only old farmers and flies are living all around despite the fact that kids are coming here every day to study except weekends.

vs pic

The point of this would be that after traveling 9000 kilometers all the way from Europe I haven’t expected such a rural place to live. The fact is this place is only one like that among all other project sites all over Korea since they’re in bigger towns like Samcheok or Yongwol which has easy connection between other cities and even train stations.

In other hand, I pick this project by myself. Was I lucky enough or not time will show but at the moment I can say that experience is experience. I’ll definitely learn something from this and gain new skills.

Other think I’d like to tell about would be people in the center and our host. Nothing bad I can say at the moment. Two weeks are not a big period of time but everybody looks so kind and helpful. I haven’t been living in Korean family but I can say that host and his family are treating us like their own kids no matters that we are just volunteers. They’re also always giving some questions about countries we came from and of course France is more well know than Lithuania but they seems quiet interested in my place too. The other thing about host that he’s really tries to make our life as comfortable as it’s possible. He even bought us bicycles to go around and reach the smallest town of our region in which I can try at least some local snacks. Other people in the center also tries to keep connection no matter they can’t speak english but they’re still smiling and that’s enough for me.

So the point would be that job here is  not hard despite some farm work we have to do and people around are good too but the place which is out of reach from any where makes me sad and disappointed. Two out of seven days a week outside the place won’t make me happy since I came here to see my lovely friends, try some food I have seen only on internet, increase my Korean and feel more confident with it and of course see all that amazing historical and world heritage places. Of course don’t forget spots where Koreans are hanging out during the long night in the major cities like Seoul or Busan.

Just because something doesn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen…


Edva. Spiders, Bees and Frogs

After four days in South Korea. My decision to come on the first day of the project wasn’t that good…

The training and Hongdae


So many buildings out there

So I finally reached Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. During first two days I had a training about work in children day center with other 14 participants all over the world (France, Finland, Germany, Slovakia). We stayed in a flat in Hongdae which looked like from Korean drama for me. Two days of training took all my time and Seoul were just trapped in a window. So instead of being 7000 kilometers away it was 7 meters away and I couldn’t still get to it! Except these evenings when we got some time to move around Hongdae.


About Hongdae itself I can say that it’s pretty good place to hangout. So many coffees, restaurants, shops, clubs, bars and much more. During first five hours in Seoul I had an awesome chance to meet my beloved friends there and have a lunch! That was a really enjoyable time, like family reunion (kidding)!


First lunch with friends

Patbingsu! I love it!

Patbingsu! I love it!

During last night in Seoul with participants and only one of my friends we had a chance to experience karaoke too! It was totally new and so interesting. I’d like to come back there again.

Big tree somewhere in Gangwon

My destination is children day center called Kunnamu (Big tree) in area surrounded by mountains and forests. Actually this makes it hard to reach but as I have heard earlier it’s a better place than other care centers in Yeongwol.


Around the children center

Lots of things happened here for the very first day just after arrival. I got a frog footprints on my t-shirt, other 2 participants and one of the kids were attacked by bees while looking for a missing ball in a draining canal and the same kid brought a giant spider on his leg later while still looking for the same ball (we haven’t found that ball cause nature didn’t want us to).

Around Yeongwol

Around Yeongwol

Soon I’ll write more posts and put more pictures since I have an easy access to internet now.

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Edva. Tea and somehing more

This time it came in a bag of tea

Korea you still know how to impress me! Yesterday I have visited a friend and he suggested me a cup of tea. Nothing unusual but instead of getting black, green or any other sort of tea I got corn tea. I didn’t knew this till the last moments when I got a sip from the cup. At first the taste reminded me corn chips without flavour but this time liquid version. Wow… It’s good to try something new and of course Korea and whole East Asia can offer even more unbelievable things to try.


The last chapter

5 days remain…

Not much time left before my flight to Korea and like the last time I’m still feeling worried (not because of the snakes) and exited at the same time. I have finished most of the preparation and of course read the travelers guide which I got as a present a year ago. There are so many breath-taking places to visit, things to do and see. Of course I also bought some chocolate and souvenirs since my beloved friend are waiting for me too. So get ready!

These are 3 places from travelers guide I want to visit.


경복궁 [Gyeong-bok-gung]

1. 경복궁 [Gyeong-bok-gung]

This is the main and the biggest palace among all Five Great Palaces in Seoul build by Joseon dynasty. The name of it means “Greatly Blessed by Heaven.” The palace also appear in PSY’s music video.

청계천 [Cheong-gye-cheon]

청계천 [Cheong-gye-cheon]

2. 청계천 [Cheong-gye-cheon]

Other name for this place would be Seoul Stream. Long time ago it was just a small stream in the downtown of Seoul which served as a drainage system but since the city grown it became an attractive spot to visit not only for locals but for tourists also!


Lotte World amusement park somehow looks like Disney World

3. Lotte world amusement park

This is friends-must-visit destination in Seoul. I have heard about it hundred of times. Lotte world  has an amazing amusement park. So why I shouldn’t want to go there!

Of course there are so many other amazing places in Korea which I havent mentioned but in this case it would be even more interesting to tell about them after going there.

So wish me luck and see you soon Korea!

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Edva. What do you mean snakes

Watch your step

Nature is trying to kill you in every step. Snakes. It might be shocking but it’s true. There are about 17 species of snakes in Korea and 4 of them are venomous too. This thing pushed me in to the deep thoughts about my summer plans. The place I’m going too is Yeongwol a small town surrounded by forests and mountains somewhere in Gangwon Province which is actually having the smallest population among all the provinces in South Korea.


Gangwon Province, South Korea (Naver map)

Gangwon Province, South Korea (Naver map)

So what to do now? I gave myself this question and here is the answer. Nothing. Its’s to late to change my plans. Tickets are bought and two weeks remain. In this case I shouldn’t be afraid of that fact! Moreover there is no time to do so. Just let’s go there and find out how many snakes there really are. Probably even more than in local Zoo but in Lithuania we also have snakes and some of them are venomous too and I have been lucky enough to notice only some of them. So who knows. In the article I read it’s also said that bites of snakes are rare.

More about snakes

In this case I also want to say that in Lithuania we have a fairytale related with snakes. It’s called “Eglė the Queen of Serpents” the story about girl who married a snake and yeah this sounds ridiculous but I grew up with this fairytale.


Eglė and the Serpent in Palanga city, Lithuania

So in the end I would like to say that it’s natural that nature tries to kill you most of the time. (Kidding and feeling worried at the same time)

Some more about this topic you can find here.

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Edva. Last steps (on Earth)

Only two weeks remains before my flight to Korea and I totally don’t know how to describe the last days here in Lithuania. There are so many different feelings boiling inside of me and I don’t know how to deal with all of them in the right way. Actually the biggest reason for that I don’t know what to expect! Everything going be so new and well-known at the same time!

For those who don’t know: I’m going in to a small city of South Korea  called Yeongwol which is located in Kangwon province to work in local children center by helping local children study and know more about other cultures. I have never tried anything like that before but helping and sharing knowledge I know and thinks I like makes me happy.

Sad. Stressed. Worried

I’m feeling like this for several reasons but in first place are standing  my fiends. Those who I know for a very long time and those who I have been with during this spring semester. The point is not being able to say a proper “Good bye” or just “See you soon” that’s really ripping me apart. I shouldn’t be this emotional. The second reason is my expectancy and reality of my trip. I know that the place I’m going to is not one of the biggest cities or even a capital of the country but at least I expect to have enough time to see my friends (hope they want to see me too) and the next thing is about having good public transport connection between most of the places so I can achieve my first goal more easily (kidding).

Happy. Thrilled. Excited

Yeah… I’m doing this… Going there and  I have been waiting for this so long and now it’s just around the corner. Let’s get ready to experience most of the things I have heard and read about. Of course I shouldn’t forget the main reason why I want to go there is FRIENDS! Actually I strongly believe that friends are the only reason which makes our planet to spin!

Something more to tell (Before the end)

I have never been a very good writer but I can say that learning languages and knowing other cultures are things that makes me happy and of course finding new FRIENDS too! I also want to ask not to judge me cause of my english skills. I can make many mistakes and use wrong forms of words or even wrong words but the point is share my experience. Most of my posts suppose to be about visuals so in this case I’ll be trying to put some interesting photos for most of the time.

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Edva. This is me


For every story there is a beginning and here it is time to start mine. (Actually I have never been thinking about writing a blog or  something to describe my life)

My name is Edvardas but friends call me Edva. I’m a Lithuanian and I’m living in Europe but my mind is far away in East Asia. Last year I started to study East Asian Languages and Cultures in the second biggest city in Lithuania. The main language I’m studying is Korean (For those who don’t know Lithuania is probably the hardest to find country in the world) During the first months in university I met so many new friends who are not only from Lithuania but also from South Korea.

Why East Asia (Korea)? I often ask myself this but I it’s not easy to find the answer. First of all I’m fascinated by the culture, history and  technological achievements of East Asian region. It’s a place in which I always wanted to visit (Of course I’m saying that not only because of the popular culture which have spread all over the world) Actually the biggest boost was my new friends in university. I’m so thankful for that! Love you guys!

This summer I’m going to South Korea with a volunteering project! Hope to experience lots of new things there!