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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.


SAIMA. I do not care the destination I care the amount of time. Part 2.

The second part dedicated for my passion.  A little bit latter than I planned. I did not write about everything I wanted. My minds were screaming HURRY !!! HURRY !!! HURRY !!! Now, I am calm, because I finished it.

Special and comfortable or only a separate baggage claim area in Samsun-Çarşamba Airport for non-citizens?

The  summer of 2013 was one of the best for me.  Why?  I took a reckless decision in the middle of May, that after my last final exam I am going to project somewhere in the north of Turkey; city called Ordu.  Revising everything for exams and dealing with the project issues;  How well present Lithuania?  What to bring  for Culture Night‘s?  … and worries about buses and planes tickets.  All doubts and thoughts about what the hell I am going to do in next two weeks looks funny now when I remember a teary moment of leaving a magical and a party hard place near Black Sea cost.  Yes, it was a  really real holidays after exams; spending afternoons in boat somewhere in Black sea that you almost can see the cost line; playing football with hot guys from Ordu Football team; learning how to dance salsa during evenings and partying all night long;


But… to reach everything what can Ordu suggest; you will need almost 24 hours of taking several buses and planes.  What a surprise!  In last airport about three-hour away from Ordu a group of tired and sleepy Lithuanians, and a few of another nationality people were sitting near a claim area to take their baggage. Patient Lithuanians were still sitting and hoping while one guy from Germany started to yell at an employees. No reaction from them, because they did not speak in English. Ok.  After sometime we found out about special places for NON-CITIZENS baggage. No matter what kind of flight you had a domestic like us or an international you are going to have an additional check-up for you and for your baggage safety. Still, I cannot get it why the hell they are checking several times?! Whatever, … we have to be safe for an environment.  The airport really small and there was lack of information. I highly recommend for you to choose Trabzon Airport.


My adventure in Boryspil International Airport.

The  summer of 2013 was one of the best for me.  Again. Why?  I took one more decision, this time I am going again to Turkey, but all by myself.  Istanbul the fifth-largest city in the world and my favorite so far.  In which I feel like in my one`s element.  The knowledge where you can see the best panorama view of Istanbul.  Also,  knowing how to properly use metro lines and ferries.  And, where is the best place to smoke nargile-shisha and play Backgammon.  Oh, and how to slip in the Fenerbahçe football stadium and much more.  Only good memories.  But where is another story behind a week in Istanbul. I am a person who always looking for a plane tickets with transfer flights and an opportunity to visit a new city. This time was Kiev the capital of Ukraine.  And the 8th largest city in Europe?! Leaving Istanbul it was of course sad, but to visit Kiev even having about 5 hours for sightseeing and having a chance to meet my friends was quite OK and in this case not so an unhappy moment.  As I know from my friends before touching the ground of Ukraine the new airport terminal D should have  been  bright, new and shiny.  Probably, it was  new one and so on, but  big or impressed? NOPE!!! But, this is not important at all.  My plane landed. I am waiting in the RIGHT one line to check my passport and to go explore Kiev.  After some time a lady who was working in airport came up to me and said for me in a polite way that I suppose to be waiting in  another line, because I have one more flight at the same day. OK. Well, she is working here and certainly know where I should to wait.  Oh,  and she assured that I will definitely can go from that place for a few hours in the city. Unfortunate, she lied for me …   I was standing in terminal D again; a closed place; working people were not talking in English at all; my poor Russian; sleeping people and playing kids around; and no way to go back; and NO way to go in city; I was totally floundering around until my eyes noticed an elevator!  The elevator for employees, which I used. Ha!  A one man thought that I am an employee and he greeted me, and wished a good day’s work. Later, I found out a few nice people working there who let me to go back . I was standing at the same line, again. The lady who told me before go to another line came up to me again, but this time she was yelling at me that I supposed to be in another line and there is no possibility go to Kiev. I was smarter than she, and I asked people if they can let me to skip a line. They said yes and here I am standing in front of passport control service. I was sure that everything is going to be ‘ok’ and I will run soon away from that lady irate stare.  Yes, I did, but a man working in the passport control did not want to let me go to the city. He was curious what I am going to do in the city  and what I am going to meet. So, I was quite good answering and I understood why he is asking this kind of questions. Sadly, this was only a beginning and he asked for some of his colleges to come and check if my passport is real.  Their were staring at me when looking after my passport. Even, with a magnifier!  And, asking the same questions again and again …  At the very end, they asked to read in Lithuanian. Finally, I get my passport stamped.  I was joyful, but I lost an hour and had to run around city …


The first flight review with the national carrier of Lithuania’s’  airLITUANICA.


Waking up early in the morning and leaving a cold and empty flat.  This is all about a passion for flying.  I am not joking. I took a flight from Kaunas to Vilnius.  There were a few reasons. First, I have never been in Kaunas airport.  Second, I was curious about the national airlines of Lithuania. Thirdly, the idea about having the shortest flight between biggest cities in Lithuania was really tempting.

Processed with Moldiv

An airplane took only 16 min to fly 92 km. That morning for me to reach Kaunas airport from the flat I am living in; took almost 40 min.  Altitude was around 2,5 km and speed around 450 km/hr. While, average altitude is 9 km and speed around 850 km/hr. Pilots tried to make this flight longer as much as it was possible and more interesting for passengers. And, they definitely did it! I got a chance to see Trakai Island Castle from above! I enjoyed views like the rest of the passengers whose were attached to windows. I must admit, that I had some doubts before a flight, because I was not sure; whether it is worth or not?  But, believe me to take a flight like this is really worth.

IMG_3330 - Kopija

Also, I did not expect, but I saw the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. This is a large military plane which belongs to the US Air Force.


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SAIMA. I do not care the destination I care the amount of time. Part 1.

Most of people definitely will agree that they like to travel especially somewhere where they can explore completely new cultures. I was also that person.  The person who was always saying YES for all kinds of travels abroad.   Unfortunately, with the time I lost an interest for it …  Just as simple as that. Do not misunderstand, I still love the idea of seeing famous historical places, natural wonders of the world and so on. But I do not have a crush on it anymore.  What‘s making me feel uncertainty every time when I am planning a vocation or even a small trip. I am always seeking out for a reason which have to force me to go and explore. And here comes planes!

I do not know why and from where come love for being on a plane, but FLYING is something what I love to do for sure.  The hours above the clouds’ makes me feel more than happy. My first air trip was truly a memorable one. At that time, I was around 6 years old. All, I knew that there is only one condition to say for my parents if I see a plane in the sky and we will go for a fly. And, it happened one day! I was flying with The Antonov An-2 above my hometown. I cannot remember what I saw, but I still can feel what excitement of flying for the very first time.


The greatness of being up in the sky;  having an opportunity to glimpse so much. This is what drives me crazy !  The longest mine non-stop flight ever till now was from Zürich to Istanbul with SWISS Int’l Air Lines, and it took almost 4 hours of joy.  Another one flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt am Main with Lufthansa German Airlines took the same time amount as I was flying from Riga to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines more than 3 hours.


I am fascinated with my time, which I was able to spend in airports. Their a usual chaotic atmosphere and at the same time always in apple-pie order.  Many people sitting, sleeping, waiting and expecting.  For me airports are never going to be a time-wasting places rather the perfect ones.

photo 2

To be continued …

The first flight review with the national carrier of Lithuania’s’  airLITUANICA.

My adventure in Boryspil International Airport.

Special and comfortable or only a separate baggage claim area in Samsun-Çarşamba Airport for non-citizens?


Ieva. Tottaly messed up

As you might have understood from the title, I’m totally messed up. First of all, I had my last exam today. It was Swedish oral exam and it took only 20 minutes or so.  But it means a lot.  Every exam means a lot,  actually.

I’m also surprised that my first study year ended so fast. It was September when everything started. Nine months just… vanished…  I could talk a lot about my studies and what changed during those nine months. But study year is over. I’m free until September. Wow.

And today I fly to Sweden. My luggage lies in the middle of the room, clothes all around it. I’m not sure what to take with me. Will it be hot? Warm? Cold? Windy or rainy? Should I take umbrella, or maybe I could live without it? How many shoes I need? Do I need to take a warm hoodie ? And… how much is those 20 kg, which I am allowed to take with me?

Argh! This is so hard! How people manage to travel somewhere for a year or even longer? I know that I can buy everything that I need in Sweden as well (it’s not a middle of jungles after all). But it’s much cheaper in Lithuania, so it would be better to take everything that I need. That’s why I’m making lists from Sunday evening,  putting things on and off  the list, in and out of luggage, trying to make up my minds and foresee what kid of summer it will be.

Oh, and one more funny thing. I’m trying to eat everything that I have at my flat in Vilnius. I know it’s stupid, but my roommates said not to leave anything for them. They won’t use it.  And it’s illogical to leave everything for autumn, isn’t it?.. However, I will blow up if I need to eat something more.

That’s strange that I feel so great. I’m excited and thrilled, and maybe just a little bit afraid. After all, I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. What will I do there?  Will I get on well with the kid, Edgar? Where I will travel during free time? Will I miss home, friends and family?