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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.

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Edva. Tea and somehing more

This time it came in a bag of tea

Korea you still know how to impress me! Yesterday I have visited a friend and he suggested me a cup of tea. Nothing unusual but instead of getting black, green or any other sort of tea I got corn tea. I didn’t knew this till the last moments when I got a sip from the cup. At first the taste reminded me corn chips without flavour but this time liquid version. Wow… It’s good to try something new and of course Korea and whole East Asia can offer even more unbelievable things to try.


The last chapter

5 days remain…

Not much time left before my flight to Korea and like the last time I’m still feeling worried (not because of the snakes) and exited at the same time. I have finished most of the preparation and of course read the travelers guide which I got as a present a year ago. There are so many breath-taking places to visit, things to do and see. Of course I also bought some chocolate and souvenirs since my beloved friend are waiting for me too. So get ready!

These are 3 places from travelers guide I want to visit.


경복궁 [Gyeong-bok-gung]

1. 경복궁 [Gyeong-bok-gung]

This is the main and the biggest palace among all Five Great Palaces in Seoul build by Joseon dynasty. The name of it means “Greatly Blessed by Heaven.” The palace also appear in PSY’s music video.

청계천 [Cheong-gye-cheon]

청계천 [Cheong-gye-cheon]

2. 청계천 [Cheong-gye-cheon]

Other name for this place would be Seoul Stream. Long time ago it was just a small stream in the downtown of Seoul which served as a drainage system but since the city grown it became an attractive spot to visit not only for locals but for tourists also!


Lotte World amusement park somehow looks like Disney World

3. Lotte world amusement park

This is friends-must-visit destination in Seoul. I have heard about it hundred of times. Lotte world  has an amazing amusement park. So why I shouldn’t want to go there!

Of course there are so many other amazing places in Korea which I havent mentioned but in this case it would be even more interesting to tell about them after going there.

So wish me luck and see you soon Korea!


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Saima. The Daily Basics.

I need to write about something before an upcoming post which going to reach you till Monday, I believe. The first one you can find here. So, in this post about everything or more about how I was living in last couple weeks.  Happened a  lot.  Probably too much.  A friend left Lithuania for the summer.  I passed all exams. Finished my freshman year of university. Summer started.  I spent a lot of time with friends. I went to several job interviews. I came back to my hometown a few times. I refused to work. I visited US Embassy for the first time. I become a volunteer at European  Foundation of Human Rights. I got a perfect offer for studies  internship.  And, I think it is everything.

At the moment, I am extremely happy about my situation. I got the ….  results back.  For this reason,  I finally stay asleep through the night and it was not hard for me fall asleep. Yes, this is a secret or may someone know it? Impossible. I am too good.  I wish, I could have been said it for someone, especially during a period when I was waiting, but I could not.  I deal with it by myself.  Just put one foot in front of the other. Just got through days.  Maybe it is not the best solution, but definitely some of my friends or family members might be freaking out more than me.  So, no matter what it was; I am still OK.  Be happy about it with me.

The day in Vilnius was quite good.  Early in the morning, I met my friend and we went to Cafe de Paris. This is a small cafe in the Old Town of Vilnius, where we had a small chat.

photo 1

Later that day, I visited US Embassy Vilnius for the first time.  I did not take any photos inside, because they did not let to take any electronic devices with me.  I tried to take photo outside.  Although, I saw a warning signs I decided to do it still; at least a few meters  from the embassy. It did not work out.  I am very happy, because I was standing further than a security hut and a security guard did not take me down.  As a result, I took a photo on the other side of the street.  But, I will take a photo near  the embassy next time, definitely!

photo 2

So, the reason why I came to Vilnius was a training’s about humans rights and laws related to it.  Also, from the same organization I got an offer to do an internship related with my studies.  I did not expect to get this kind of offer, but at this moment to know that I already found a place for the internship makes me more sure about upcoming year in university.  Nothing much happened on that day… I went to McDonald‘s.

What else I would like to say… I am a student of English Philology. I am quite good, but not perfect.  Another day, one of my friend say to me that she/he saw quite a lot of mistakes. She/he studying totally in different area.  Am I mad? Yes.  And, why I should not to be? OK. The majority of us were studying English in school and reached level B2. So, why the level B2 makes you better than me? And, so sure about my mistakes?  By the way, I finished a level C2.  How would you feel?

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Ieva. First discoveries


I was doing everything to avoid writing about my trip to Helsingborg. I read a lot. I watched a movie. I served my duty and talked to my mum (only with her this time as one of my brother is in a scout camp and another is our for a canoe – orienteering regata with dad). I was in the beach with Edgar today. Read more. Walked around the houre. Read. Surfed the Net. Surfed the Pinterest. Checked my email for a hundredth time. And I cannot find more excuses.  So here it is.

Few days ago Jessica asked if I woukd like to go to Helsinborg with her or Asle. They wanted to buy a scooter for Edgard as the one he already has is too big for him. I gladly agreed and mentioned that I’d love to walk a little bit there. I have already been in  Helsingborg, but we only road through it or went there for special occasions,  so I hadn’t seen a lot of.

Jessica drove me and Edgar to Helsingborg on the Saturday morning. We went to a toy shop for a scooter.  Edgar wanted a green one as green is his favorite color.  There were few greens, but the one he liked most was  definitely too small. And others were “too fast” as he explained, so we ended shopping candies. What was a huge surprise as I found out that 100 g of candies costs less in Sweden than in Lithuania. Unbelievable!!!

After that I was left alone in the center of Helsingborg.  I was showed where is Tourists’ Information Center and where is Central Station. Actually, it was my first spot – I took some maps and flyers about city. Then I sat down in a lovely “green island” in the square and made my route. And ate some cupcakes that I took from home. Some good, unhealthy homemade bakery – that’s what I longed for the first week here.


I knew only few objects that I wished to see – church, tower and City hall. And just walk and walk and walk as Helsingborg with its huge sidewalks,  beautiful green parks and a path by the sea. Gorgeous! Helsingborg is full of statues and sights, it’s a mix of old and new buildings, different people and expensive cafés. Yeah, I know, it’s Sweden. And I’m Lithuanian that is used to small wages and small prices. I cannot help myself converting krona to litas. My minds works like better than any calculator.

Okay, now, a little bit more about Helsingborg.  It’s v er y beautiful,  very tidy, very attractive. The only problem was… me. I love small towns, narrow streets and cozy cafés.  Helsingborg has many of tbe lasts, but not that many narrow streets. It looked too big for me. But still, I enjoyed every minute there.


The tower was pretty amazing. I love old buildings, so I walked slowly around it and even slower in it – to prolong that lively feeling of history. And the view from the tower was amazing! I would love to go there again.



When I had enough of Helsingborg… Jessica and Edgar had already left the town. As they have shown me where is the station, I had to find my way out. Jessica lent me her Scania JoJo card, with which I could travel cheaper and more comfortable, but still. One can fill JoJo card using some kind of automatic machine,  which, thanks God for Swedish internationalism, is available not only in Swedish, but in English as well. It wasn’t that hard to use it, but it goes for trains, busses and even boats, and I didn’t wish to end up somewhere in Denmark. Even when I had ticket in my hand, I wasn’t sure whether everything is okay. I waited for the bus, got in and said to the bus driver in Swedish: “Hey, I’m not local. Is this is a bus to Höganäs? ” He nodded.  “I have a ticket” said I as a total idiot. In a poor swedish (as he was imigrant) he explained me that I have to use my JoJo car,d as ticket is only for me and the card has information about my travel. Well, or at least that’s what I understood.

But! Bus drove to Höganäs.  Hooray,  hooray, hooray. And tomorrow I and Edgar travel to Göteborg.  Oh, my!


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Ieva. Checked!


Before coming to Sweden,  I surfed the Net for a few days and made a “Must see” list.  I saved it as a word and… didn’t bother myself more.  But,  people,  don’t trust in your computers. Trust in the Internet. Or old good notebooks.  Or notes. Or your own memory. Never trust in computer.  They tend to break when you need them most. I have experienced this a few times already, but it’s hard to learn from your mistakes,  isn’t it?

So now when someone asks me where I would like to travel, I shrugge my shoulders and say a boring and predictable answer: Stockholm, Göteborg,  Malmö.  And travel around he Re,  of course. Yup, that is… what anyone could say, even those, who don’t know anything about Sweden. But I studied Swedish (and Sweden) for 9 months already.  I should be original.

So when I was asked if I wanted to see Lund, I almost jumped. Lund! It was on my “Must see” list. I have heard a lot about Lund. It’s the oldest city in Skåne’s region – Lund is believed to be established around 990, when Skåne belonged to Denmark. Lund is famous for its old university and a huge cathedral, which is about 900 years old. And, despite this, it’s a very old town with lots of old buildings, streets and beautiful parks.

Would I like to see Lund? Who woudln’t?

We visited Lund on Monday (yeah, it took a lot of time to write this blog, but I have a perfect explanation – sea is only 10 minutes from me). It was a warm, sunny day – perfect for walking around. Oh, and Lund met us with a surprise – students celebrated their gymnasium’s graduation.  I’m not sure if you have ever seen anything like this. Our Swedish teacher have told us about their celebration traditions, but it wasnt exactly what I expected. They rode in tractors and trucks in white clothes and with white students’ caps with very very very loud pop music. Dancing, shouting and fooling around. They seemed very hapy when I took pictures.


As I said before, day was great. Sunny and warm – perfect for walking. This is exactly what I did for a hour or something. I made a huge circle around Lund. I visited a beautiful botanical garden, two or three parks (one with amazing playground for kids – Sweden has a great infastructure for them), tens of squares and alleys.  And, of course, Lund’s cathedral and university.




P. S. Hey, maybe someone knows more about university of Lund? Is it good? I would like to study in Uppsala or Stockholm as Erasmus student, but maybe Lund could work also?..

P. P. S. Sorry for pictures. I have only tab and it’s not very comfortable to edit pictures with it.

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Edva. What do you mean snakes

Watch your step

Nature is trying to kill you in every step. Snakes. It might be shocking but it’s true. There are about 17 species of snakes in Korea and 4 of them are venomous too. This thing pushed me in to the deep thoughts about my summer plans. The place I’m going too is Yeongwol a small town surrounded by forests and mountains somewhere in Gangwon Province which is actually having the smallest population among all the provinces in South Korea.


Gangwon Province, South Korea (Naver map)

Gangwon Province, South Korea (Naver map)

So what to do now? I gave myself this question and here is the answer. Nothing. Its’s to late to change my plans. Tickets are bought and two weeks remain. In this case I shouldn’t be afraid of that fact! Moreover there is no time to do so. Just let’s go there and find out how many snakes there really are. Probably even more than in local Zoo but in Lithuania we also have snakes and some of them are venomous too and I have been lucky enough to notice only some of them. So who knows. In the article I read it’s also said that bites of snakes are rare.

More about snakes

In this case I also want to say that in Lithuania we have a fairytale related with snakes. It’s called “Eglė the Queen of Serpents” the story about girl who married a snake and yeah this sounds ridiculous but I grew up with this fairytale.


Eglė and the Serpent in Palanga city, Lithuania

So in the end I would like to say that it’s natural that nature tries to kill you most of the time. (Kidding and feeling worried at the same time)

Some more about this topic you can find here.

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SAIMA. I do not care the destination I care the amount of time. Part 1.

Most of people definitely will agree that they like to travel especially somewhere where they can explore completely new cultures. I was also that person.  The person who was always saying YES for all kinds of travels abroad.   Unfortunately, with the time I lost an interest for it …  Just as simple as that. Do not misunderstand, I still love the idea of seeing famous historical places, natural wonders of the world and so on. But I do not have a crush on it anymore.  What‘s making me feel uncertainty every time when I am planning a vocation or even a small trip. I am always seeking out for a reason which have to force me to go and explore. And here comes planes!

I do not know why and from where come love for being on a plane, but FLYING is something what I love to do for sure.  The hours above the clouds’ makes me feel more than happy. My first air trip was truly a memorable one. At that time, I was around 6 years old. All, I knew that there is only one condition to say for my parents if I see a plane in the sky and we will go for a fly. And, it happened one day! I was flying with The Antonov An-2 above my hometown. I cannot remember what I saw, but I still can feel what excitement of flying for the very first time.


The greatness of being up in the sky;  having an opportunity to glimpse so much. This is what drives me crazy !  The longest mine non-stop flight ever till now was from Zürich to Istanbul with SWISS Int’l Air Lines, and it took almost 4 hours of joy.  Another one flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt am Main with Lufthansa German Airlines took the same time amount as I was flying from Riga to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines more than 3 hours.


I am fascinated with my time, which I was able to spend in airports. Their a usual chaotic atmosphere and at the same time always in apple-pie order.  Many people sitting, sleeping, waiting and expecting.  For me airports are never going to be a time-wasting places rather the perfect ones.

photo 2

To be continued …

The first flight review with the national carrier of Lithuania’s’  airLITUANICA.

My adventure in Boryspil International Airport.

Special and comfortable or only a separate baggage claim area in Samsun-Çarşamba Airport for non-citizens?

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Edva. Last steps (on Earth)

Only two weeks remains before my flight to Korea and I totally don’t know how to describe the last days here in Lithuania. There are so many different feelings boiling inside of me and I don’t know how to deal with all of them in the right way. Actually the biggest reason for that I don’t know what to expect! Everything going be so new and well-known at the same time!

For those who don’t know: I’m going in to a small city of South Korea  called Yeongwol which is located in Kangwon province to work in local children center by helping local children study and know more about other cultures. I have never tried anything like that before but helping and sharing knowledge I know and thinks I like makes me happy.

Sad. Stressed. Worried

I’m feeling like this for several reasons but in first place are standing  my fiends. Those who I know for a very long time and those who I have been with during this spring semester. The point is not being able to say a proper “Good bye” or just “See you soon” that’s really ripping me apart. I shouldn’t be this emotional. The second reason is my expectancy and reality of my trip. I know that the place I’m going to is not one of the biggest cities or even a capital of the country but at least I expect to have enough time to see my friends (hope they want to see me too) and the next thing is about having good public transport connection between most of the places so I can achieve my first goal more easily (kidding).

Happy. Thrilled. Excited

Yeah… I’m doing this… Going there and  I have been waiting for this so long and now it’s just around the corner. Let’s get ready to experience most of the things I have heard and read about. Of course I shouldn’t forget the main reason why I want to go there is FRIENDS! Actually I strongly believe that friends are the only reason which makes our planet to spin!

Something more to tell (Before the end)

I have never been a very good writer but I can say that learning languages and knowing other cultures are things that makes me happy and of course finding new FRIENDS too! I also want to ask not to judge me cause of my english skills. I can make many mistakes and use wrong forms of words or even wrong words but the point is share my experience. Most of my posts suppose to be about visuals so in this case I’ll be trying to put some interesting photos for most of the time.