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Edva. What do you mean snakes

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Watch your step

Nature is trying to kill you in every step. Snakes. It might be shocking but it’s true. There are about 17 species of snakes in Korea and 4 of them are venomous too. This thing pushed me in to the deep thoughts about my summer plans. The place I’m going too is Yeongwol a small town surrounded by forests and mountains somewhere in Gangwon Province which is actually having the smallest population among all the provinces in South Korea.


Gangwon Province, South Korea (Naver map)

Gangwon Province, South Korea (Naver map)

So what to do now? I gave myself this question and here is the answer. Nothing. Its’s to late to change my plans. Tickets are bought and two weeks remain. In this case I shouldn’t be afraid of that fact! Moreover there is no time to do so. Just let’s go there and find out how many snakes there really are. Probably even more than in local Zoo but in Lithuania we also have snakes and some of them are venomous too and I have been lucky enough to notice only some of them. So who knows. In the article I read it’s also said that bites of snakes are rare.

More about snakes

In this case I also want to say that in Lithuania we have a fairytale related with snakes. It’s called “Eglė the Queen of Serpents” the story about girl who married a snake and yeah this sounds ridiculous but I grew up with this fairytale.


Eglė and the Serpent in Palanga city, Lithuania

So in the end I would like to say that it’s natural that nature tries to kill you most of the time. (Kidding and feeling worried at the same time)

Some more about this topic you can find here.


Author: Edis Kim

Someone who studies Korean language but still don't know what he actually wants from life...Good luck on that...

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