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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.

Edva. Last steps (on Earth)

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Only two weeks remains before my flight to Korea and I totally don’t know how to describe the last days here in Lithuania. There are so many different feelings boiling inside of me and I don’t know how to deal with all of them in the right way. Actually the biggest reason for that I don’t know what to expect! Everything going be so new and well-known at the same time!

For those who don’t know: I’m going in to a small city of South Korea  called Yeongwol which is located in Kangwon province to work in local children center by helping local children study and know more about other cultures. I have never tried anything like that before but helping and sharing knowledge I know and thinks I like makes me happy.

Sad. Stressed. Worried

I’m feeling like this for several reasons but in first place are standing  my fiends. Those who I know for a very long time and those who I have been with during this spring semester. The point is not being able to say a proper “Good bye” or just “See you soon” that’s really ripping me apart. I shouldn’t be this emotional. The second reason is my expectancy and reality of my trip. I know that the place I’m going to is not one of the biggest cities or even a capital of the country but at least I expect to have enough time to see my friends (hope they want to see me too) and the next thing is about having good public transport connection between most of the places so I can achieve my first goal more easily (kidding).

Happy. Thrilled. Excited

Yeah… I’m doing this… Going there and  I have been waiting for this so long and now it’s just around the corner. Let’s get ready to experience most of the things I have heard and read about. Of course I shouldn’t forget the main reason why I want to go there is FRIENDS! Actually I strongly believe that friends are the only reason which makes our planet to spin!

Something more to tell (Before the end)

I have never been a very good writer but I can say that learning languages and knowing other cultures are things that makes me happy and of course finding new FRIENDS too! I also want to ask not to judge me cause of my english skills. I can make many mistakes and use wrong forms of words or even wrong words but the point is share my experience. Most of my posts suppose to be about visuals so in this case I’ll be trying to put some interesting photos for most of the time.


Author: Edis Kim

Someone who studies Korean language but still don't know what he actually wants from life...Good luck on that...

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