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Three best friends and their summer adventures. Two – lost somewhere in the world and the third one, waiting for them to come back.

Edva. This is me

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For every story there is a beginning and here it is time to start mine. (Actually I have never been thinking about writing a blog or  something to describe my life)

My name is Edvardas but friends call me Edva. I’m a Lithuanian and I’m living in Europe but my mind is far away in East Asia. Last year I started to study East Asian Languages and Cultures in the second biggest city in Lithuania. The main language I’m studying is Korean (For those who don’t know Lithuania is probably the hardest to find country in the world) During the first months in university I met so many new friends who are not only from Lithuania but also from South Korea.

Why East Asia (Korea)? I often ask myself this but I it’s not easy to find the answer. First of all I’m fascinated by the culture, history and  technological achievements of East Asian region. It’s a place in which I always wanted to visit (Of course I’m saying that not only because of the popular culture which have spread all over the world) Actually the biggest boost was my new friends in university. I’m so thankful for that! Love you guys!

This summer I’m going to South Korea with a volunteering project! Hope to experience lots of new things there!


Author: Edis Kim

Someone who studies Korean language but still don't know what he actually wants from life...Good luck on that...

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